Commercial Kitchen Equipment Installation

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Alpha & Omega Restaurant Equipment Repair has the experience needed to properly deliver and install commercial food service equipment. Let us help you relocate your entire kitchen to a new location or just remove the equipment long enough to repair or replace a damaged floor or wall and then re-install it and make any repairs necessary. We can work with your equipment dealer to will/call, deliver, uncrate and install any new or used equipment that you may have purchased. Even haul away that rusted hulk that has been serving you so well for these past 30 years or so. On budget, is every bit as important as on time. When cost challenges arise, we will identify alternatives and explain the differences so you can make informed decisions.

Beyond hot side, we assemble walk-in cold storage rooms, or dis-assemble, relocate and re-assemble your walk-in cooler or freezer or retrofit your walk-in to fit a new space through the addition of new panels. We can also repair or replace a damaged door or add a new walk-in or reach-in door to an existing unit.

Beyond our walk-in expertise, we install roof mount fans and make-up air systems.

Our professional installers eliminate any worries about unsafe and ineffective operations due to improper installation. When the job is complete, your equipment will be operating at maximum efficiency and your warranty will be protected.

Logistics is a pivotal part of a project’s success. Each phase of the job requires careful accounting, inspection, and material handling to ensure satisfaction in the field. Prior to installation, A & O will inspect your space to determine the best plan for installing your new or pre-owned equipment. We stage every order and conduct necessary prep work, then ship or deliver orders to meet installation deadlines. Drop shipments directly to our warehouse are available as well. If you are thinking about opening a restaurant in the Phoenix valley, or if you already operate a restaurant or kitchen in the area and you have any questions concerning additional equipment – call us now at 480.828.0128.

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