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A & O installs, services, and replaces refrigeration systems for a wide variety of commercial entities including restaurants, bars, schools, warehouses and manufacturing plants.

Commercial Refrigeration can break down at the worst of times, and we know your business can’t afford to wait. We’ll find the problem to protect your inventory and keep your doors open. Call us at the first sign of trouble. When your commercial freezer stops working, it’s true that you have a little more time before you lose your perishable goods, but you still don’t have much time to waste. The faster you call, the faster we can get it fixed – during a business day on regular service hours, or if needed, at 3am during emergency call hours. We’ll make sure your equipment is running properly and your food is stored at safe temperatures to meet Arizona Health Department guidelines.

A properly maintained cooler is a safe cooler.

Through years of experience, we also know that one of the keys to preventing downtime is periodic maintenance. That’s why we offer a variety of maintenance contracts designed to meet the unique needs of your equipment and business. Because commercial freezers and ice machines must run constantly, they are subject to wear and tear, not only from use, but due to the elements and the mechanics involved in their components. Periodic TLC not only reduces downtime due to malfunctions, but it helps reduce utility bills by ensuring that your equipment is running as efficiently as possible. Our technicians not only replace parts, they calibrate equipment and clean inside housings where dust can build up causing overheating, preventing problems from cropping up.

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