Commercial Kitchen Equipment Installation

Kitchen Equipment Installation day for Mochilero Kitchen in Phoenix, opening March 23rd. We worked with Executive Chef Justin Banauch to install all the new equipment on his cookline – two fryers, a flat top, an oven/broiler combo and two coolers. We’ll return in two weeks to make final connections for gas and calibration.

Having a professional team install your commercial kitchen equipment is essential. Whether you need multiple pieces of new equipment installed or just an install of a replacement unit, our technicians at Alpha & Omega Restaurant Equipment Repair specialize in nearly every refrigeration and cooking equipment manufacturer on the market. Multiple pre-install site surveys are conducted before work begins so that we understand your operational goals and identify the best strategy to meet those goals. After installation is complete, all utility connections are made, and manufacturer start-ups fulfilled to confirm equipment is properly functioning to manufacturer’s specifications.

In addition, we offer planned maintenance programs to support you long after the installation is completed that can extend your equipment’s lifespan and lower your chances of experiencing sudden equipment failure. Our process is the key to your success.

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